Up They Go And Down Again

by Half Made

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released July 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Half Made Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

music written, recorded, and produced by johnny and connor

album art created by nick ambrosi

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Track Name: Up They Go And Down Again
I was sleeping, dreaming
You were screaming, bleeding
I was held and hailed
You were held, inhaled
You're still breathing
Track Name: Calm Fixes
We've come for the world that we've been taken from
We've been after it for so long
Repeat in time
Track Name: Atoms Fall Apart
Heavy was the thought to confide in them like brothers
Needless to say, your weakness is obvious to others
Track Name: Water Wheel
Empty basin swell, bring them to the well
Three of water, two of rice will keep your village nice

Stormcloud shade has rolled, trust the paper windows'll hold
Trace your veins with ink and clay, see the rivers running away

Caught the current strong, rumble giant stills with a song
Water wheel won't ever quit, give your body over to it

My eyes are open, lifeblood runs fast
Mixed with the water, feel clean at last
Ring lips fall under, lungs flush of air,
Village a mile, carry me there
Track Name: No One's Watching
Are you finding all your answers? Tell me
Are you here? Can you see from where your at
All the men on the hill staring back?
If you kill me, I'd understand, you'd do no wrong
Because dying is oh so lonely, you'll be the one who knows

Can you shatter your inertia, apathy?
Are you well? Can you stand? Can you breathe?
Listen here, this is not what we need
God does not seem to hear us, nor to respond
Obeying words of the silent is more trouble than its worth

No one's watching so stand and be strong
No one's watching, can you hear me?

Did you lose all of your body to coldheart frostbite?
Are we kind, are we strong, are we wise?
Have we lived through this life a thousand times?
Who here knows a witness, seen miracles?
Believers come by the boatload when death will reward your birth

Are you keeping above the surface or drowning?
Is it true after all that we're no use
May as well, end the search for what to do
We lead lives where we're all thinking
Death makes no sense, but living is far too painful
Oh well...

Your keeper isn't home, you're on your own
Cower in the corner until you're dry, but you're not my kind to keep
You leave them, they'll ask you why, they'll ask you why
But you're too scared to hear their prayers from the sky, you're not my kind to keep

You're not dead, are you? You look well to me
You're not the god I thought that you were, you're already dead to me
You're not real, are you? You've been lying to me
If you find time, please come again, we'll be waiting here for you
Track Name: The Opinion Animal
Asleep with the noise, the kids look dead under their bedsheets
Dreaming out this asheap, brother you can have your body back when you get older
Shoot all the boys, those wretched dogs, with instinct
All for all the images that come for us in fever dreams
Do you own these woods?
I know this ends, but how? I believe it's now

Walk through fields of breath, kick up dust in shapes of death
To the heads weaving worlds, no one else will remember your memories, so rest at ease
All the roads go north, and they go far but I see farther
Oxygen doesn't last, and death is for the survivors to contemplate, and now we wait

Choke your words, strangled airpipes, please stay calm, you'll be okay
Do Satanists read upside down? Soap for Socratic guttermouth
Understand that your bones will turn to sand, dust in the wind
Bats and birds sang songs of hell, at least as far as god can tell

I saw their flairs, you know

Did you see the ghost I'd spoken to over tea, he came back to see
Have your doubts but ask it free, what kind of animal were we?

Are you scared of me? If I were you, I'd certainly be
Where did everyone go? Light a candle to examine all this dark, it's all we are
Worry not for the end, the slowest way to die is by living
Time to cremate the earth and scatter all the ashes through the whole of space, it's rightful place
Track Name: A Whole Lot Of Pretending
Together we make such a broken body,
And I have found nothing better for the body than silence
May I say, you're so loud for a boy who's keeping quiet?
I'm not trying to die, I'm just waiting for death to come get me
Such tiny little wheels moving forward, if you leave, don't be long,
Little girl, now is no time to be sleeping

Light through the cracks in the walls, showing signs of a place
That you will never see again
Laugh for me, laugh for me, and think of when we're reborn
Somewhere less obsessed with fire and smoke
The change is hurried, and for the rest of time, they are deathless,
Please don't get distracted, you notice every flower in the desert

She's half dead and he's no solider
They forfeit to the atmosphere
And they'll see their shells from up above them
Breathe, breathe

Man cannot prove that he is not a demon
Pleasure is nothing but the pause between pains, in hunger and sickness;
But still, I can only die when the world ends
Shaken and scared of the sound of their own breath
They're making symbols with their hands
But still no one knew what they were saying,
And for now, they seek asylum in your solace

She's half dead and he's no solider
They forfeit to the atmosphere
And they'll see their shells from up above them
Breathe, breathe
Track Name: Away
Remember the day when we all gathered on the hill to watch them come
And everyone was there looking across the water,
Reflecting shades of their shapes
Clouds that house the sun were slowly building
And stones in the grasses cut our feet, but it's fine
Up they go and down again, I see them
But it's so hard to tell from so far away